Tank Vs. Rack — What’s the Best Ball Python Enclosure?

There are many styles of reptile enclosures, but only a couple that are common for ball pythons. First, and foremost we what our animals to be happy and healthy, and to them, the most important factors are places to hide, gradient temperatures, and humidity , but we each go about meeting their needs differently depending on budget, space, resources, and personal taste. Let’s look at the most common enclosures for ball pythons. The glass Tank The glass tank is very … Continue reading

New clutch, with more Cafe possibilities

  This will be another exciting clutch.  The female is a Bumble Bee, and the male is our very own Barista combination.  The Barista, is a combination of the Cafe, and the Mojave. I caught her as she was just starting to lay her eggs.  It’s not going to be a big clutch, but exciting just the same. This is the first time we’ve put the Cafe with a spider gene, and while we have made Cafe-Mojave’s and Cafe-Pastel’s in … Continue reading