Ball Python Morph: Mystic

Mystic Ball Python

Genetics: Co-Dominant

Proven by: Anthony McCain (2005)

Mystic Ball Python

The Mystic ball python is a co-dominant morph. It is common belief that the mystic is the same genetics as a phantom, proven by Ralph Davis. Only time and breeding tests will tell.

The mystic looks like a darker Mojave Sort of a black with burnt orange highlights.

Mystics carry the same allele as the Mojave, lesser platinum, and butter but somehow the result is quite different.

By breeding a Mystic/Phantom to a Mojave you have a 25% chance of hitting on a Mystic Potion. The Mystic Potion is an awesome mixture of subtle purple, gray and pink markings.

In my 2013 mystic breeding projects, I hope to hatch one or more Mystic Potions, Mystic Spiders, and maybe Super Mystics as well.


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