Ball Python Morph: Black Pewter


    Designer Combination
    Pastel (Co-Dominant)
    Black Pastel (Co-Dominant)

    Proven by:

    Gulf Coast Reptiles (2002)

    The Black Pewter Ball Python is a designer morph, as it was created by man. This is a cross between a Black Pastel, and a Pastel (often known as a Jungle Pastel.)

    A Pewter is a near silver and black hatchling. As they grow, their coloring is a very pale tan/grey base with extreme fading dorsally and laterally with a clear white belly

    Pewters can also be made by crossing a Pastel with a Cinnamon Pastel, but to save confusion, we will refer to that as a Cinnamon Pewter.

    There have been several different imported animals that are the original Black Pastels, imported to various breeders.  Each of these, with it’s offspring, have established a different “line” of black pastel.  Each line tends to have some slightly different characteristics and subtleties. The various lines of Black Pastel I am aware of, are:

    • NERD
    • Gulf Coast Reptiles
    • Ian G. (Outback Reptiles)
    • Graziani
    • Gary Liesen
    • VPI
    • Tom Barnhart


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