Ball Pythons for Sale

2010 Female Woma

ID # 10-003-01
Hatched: Jul 12, 2010
Weight: 2100 Grams as of: 08-28-2014

Proven breeder, has taken last season off. She was bred with a male that never produced. She should be a fine addition to any collection, and at a great price!  

Pending Sale

2014 Male Enchi 100% Het Ghost

ID # 14-001-03

Price: $ 225   
Hatched: Apr 30, 2014
Meals: 4
Weight: 80 Grams as of: 04-30-2014

Awesome little guy, still needs two meals before he goes to his new home though. 


2014 Female Butter Pastel

ID # 14-012-06

Price: $ 220   
Hatched: Aug 10, 2014
Meals: 3
Weight: 56 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Brilliant Butter Pastel girl, sired by our 2009 Pastel Super Butter. Now on rats 


2014 Female Butter Bee

ID # 14-012-04

Price: $ 220   
Hatched: Aug 10, 2014
Meals: 5
Weight: 80 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Extremely pretty and eye catching! 


2014 Female Pastel Lesser

ID # 14-006-03

Price: $ 200   
Hatched: Jul 1, 2014
Meals: 9
Weight: 126 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Beautiful girl 


2014 Female Pastel Lesser

ID # 14-006-04

Price: $ 200   
Hatched: Jul 1, 2014
Meals: 9
Weight: 147 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Bright coloring. Photo doesn't do her justice! 


2011 Female 83% Het Lav Albino

ID # 96
Hatched: 2011
Weight: 1475 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Ready to breed. Her mother was Het for Lavender Albino, and was bred with two possible sires. One of these sires is het for lavender (which would result in this girl being 66%) and the other was Lavender Albino (which would result in 100% chance of this girl being het). So since we do not know who her daddy was for sure (but she had siblings that were Lavender Albino) I split the difference between 66% and 100%, and just called her 83%. But if 66% feels more comfortable, then... 

Pending Sale

2012 Male Woma-Black Pastel

ID # 12-023-02

Price: $ 180   
Hatched: Sep 25, 2012
Meals: 10
Weight: 914 Grams as of: 08-28-2014

Very nice 


2010 Male 100% Het Lav Albino

ID # 95

Price: $ 120   
Hatched: 2010
Weight: 1100 Grams as of: 05-09-2014

100% Het for Lavender Albino. 


2014 Male Butter Bee

ID # 14-012-03
Hatched: Aug 10, 2014
Meals: 4
Weight: 100 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Really nice! On rats! 


2014 Female 100% Het Ghost

ID # 14-001-04

Price: $ 100   
Hatched: Apr 30, 2014
Meals: 4
Weight: 76 Grams as of: 04-30-2014

Nice little het ghost girl. From Enchi X Orange Ghost pairing. Needs two meals before she goes to her new home and genetics are guaranteed. 


2014 Female Butter

ID # 14-010-01
Hatched: Aug 1, 2014
Meals: 5
Weight: 71 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Nice looking girl. Ready to travel. 


2014 Female Butter

ID # 14-012-05

Price: $ 100   
Hatched: Aug 10, 2014
Meals: 4
Weight: 87 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Nice Butter Female! 


2008 Female Dinker

ID # 55
Hatched: 2008
Weight: 2135 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Held back for interesting color and pattern, then has not been bred. 

Pending Sale

2014 Female Lesser Platinum

ID # 14-011-02

Price: $ 80   
Hatched: Aug 5, 2014
Meals: 5
Weight: 88 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Lesser Platinum 


2008 Female Normal

ID # 49
Hatched: 2008
Weight: 1945 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Normal female, proven breeder. 

Pending Sale

2014 Female Pastel

ID # 14-005-06

Price: $ 60   
Hatched: May 27, 2014
Meals: 12
Weight: 152 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Bred from a normal female, and Firefly male. On rats. This is a bargain price! 


2014 Female Pastel

ID # 14-006-02

Price: $ 60   
Hatched: Jul 1, 2014
Meals: 9
Weight: 134 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Bred from a normal female, and a queen-bee male. Very affordable! 


2014 Male Spider

ID # 14-011-05

Price: $ 50   
Hatched: Aug 6, 2014
Meals: 5
Weight: 94 Grams as of: 10-01-2014

Male Spider. A bit shy, and didn't want his photo taken. Don't miss this one, he won't be around long! 



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